Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3- The ship:

Original Arabic Post was published Jan 18th, 2008: Here

When a ship sinks, people in it are one of three categories;
Category 1: Those who sink and die, weather they tried to swim or not.
Category 2: Those who swim to shore, and live.

All humans, pass between those two moments throughout their lives. When we are depressed, we tend to believe we are weak, we won’t swim, and we will sure sink! Some other times, the fear of failure pushes us into doing our best and swimming really hard.
As for category 3; those who I see the greatest humans ever and those who can actually change history; are the ones who not just swim to the shore, but they actually pull someone with them, someone who is not able to do it for himself!
Every now and then, we go through a moment when we are blindfolded, can’t see any hint of strength in our souls, that we don’t believe we can save ourselves, not to mention save any other person.
But the truth is that we can! Truth is we have to help ourselves, and we also have to help each other. Cause whatever power you have now is no privilege to you!
Humans are closer to forget that any internal power that is inside us is nothing we are to be thanked for. It is what God gives us to be able to go on with life!

Remember when you succeed, that it is so easy to fail!
Remember when you swim, that it takes a moment to sink!

Don’t use your power against those who are weaker than you. It doesn’t mean at all that you are strong!

Each one of us; every week, ever hour, every day; has to pull someone with him. A pull could be a smile, a phone call, a listening ear. A pull could be money. A pull could anything you have, and everything you have.
Just remember that each step you take, you have to pull someone with you.
Just don’t reach the shore alone!
Cause this is being a human,
This is life,
And this is the beauty of humanity!